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Ewa Domzala, Law Specialist










"I've known David for some years now, he creates very

beautiful music and he is definitely one of my favourite





Annamarie Lightfoot, Digital Artist & Vocalist










"David Jean-Baptiste's music takes you on a

hugely enjoyable & evocative journey full of life,

colour & passion. David masterfully blends

eclectic influences from around the globe creating

unique & spirited musical landscapes, both powerful & sensitive in turn."

"Wonderful musicianship, memorable music."




Melinda Sörensson, Personal Development










"It is said, that while Mathematics is the language of the

gods, Music is the language of the soul. David is a

brilliant musician, he touches your heart and soul with

his music."




Carolyn Dare, Learning Transfer Solutions 










"Nice... Joyful, bubbly, like a ray of sunshine on this cold

winter-spring night"




Romello Rivers, President/Ceo The Showbiz Capital Partners










"Beautiful and relaxing music from a world class musician!"




Liz Wilde, Talk Host, Artist and Chef










"Your music is gorgeous...I just wanted you to

know that I love it. Beautiful, and the island song is super creative lol

I am a fan!




Yanyna Lutsenko, SEO Specialist










I love David's music a lot, really, I listen especially

when working it puts me in a good mood,

I strongly suggest you get some."





























A Complete Harmony System for Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute (ebook and mp3)


A Complete Scale and Harmony System for Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute, for classical musicians desiring to develop aural skill, to become comfortable with improvising and develop technique. For jazz musicians to deepen harmonic ability and become better at creating musical ideas spontaneously.
















Errolyn Wallen MBE, Composer and Vocalist


"I was working on an opera last night

and was particularly taken by what you said about

how taking short breaks enhances memory.

Aren't we lucky to be in music..."




Chris Dicken, Principal Trumpet,

The Bremer Kammer Philharmonia

"David has an novel approach to music and memory

and puts it together in a very lively way."




Kavit Haria, Internet Business Guru

"Excellent, no fluff just techniques galore.

This book should be made a main stay in mainstream education."













Sana Kirca, Architect










"Wooooooow! Great solutions that has helped me improve my life and find inner peace." 

"I would recommend it to anyone looking for unique strategies."




Yolanda Saez, Model

"FINDING BALANCE it's a fantastic book,

I loved it and serves self help.

I would recommend it to my friends.

Carry out the insights in your life to be happier in this crazy world."




Yulia Morris, Nutritionist and TV Presenter

"An exciting book, I particularly found myself

attracted to the section on 'The Fine-sensuals of Your Happiness.'

It goes into so much detail in relation to

your subjective experience, I find it very uplifting."




Christine Irwin, Entrepreneuress

"David's book 'Finding Balance' is definitely one

with one practical strategies in it.

Techniques on how to get zoned in on it, to free the mind and body.

I hope that you can take the time to read these notes on wellness and balance"




Caroline Love, Personal Development

"Be prepared to be excited by the techniques.

Health and happiness cannot be achieved with a busy mind.

Take control of you thoughts and turn them into

a personal power that brings freedom to your life."




Ragnhild, Social Sciences Teacher










"I listen to all sorts of music

but I had never heard of finding balance before.

Anyway, I really liked it. It works very well when you have taken on things in life,

way out of your comfort zone and you want something to ease the mind and body. I love it."















Harriette 'Tia' Hale, Vocalist and Entrepreneuress

"Amazing chapter."
"Love the 12 laws of karma, never heard of those before.
Interesting mix of music trading and universal laws.
It's a niche for sure."









Sana Kirca, Architect

"Music and Trading is a fantastic event,
and the clarinet playing sublime."
"First I read David's book Finding Balance,
then Wellklar Trading and it's helping my
business grow, more of the same please!

If you are serious about stretching yourself from point A
to point B Intention In Motion Milestones is it."









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